When do you need a Roof Replacement?

Your roof is important for the safety of youyour family, and your valuable, don’t wait for a leak to happen. Keep an eye on your roof to see the warning signs before damage occurs. When you notice any of the signs listed below, it would be a good idea to start thinking about getting an inspection to see if you need a roof replacement or roof repair.  

5 Signs you may need a roof repair or roof replacement

1. Your Roofs Age
Curling and cracked shingles are a sign of weathering damage to the roof and can lead to serious problems such as leaks.  

2. The Condition of the Shingles 
Your shingles are the tell-tale sign of the condition of your roof and help indicate if you need a new roof or not. 

3. Curling and Cracking 
Curling and cracked shingles are a sign of weathering damage to the roof and can lead to serious problems such as leaks.  You can tell you shingles are curling if the edges are turning upward.  

If your shingles are cracked and/ or curling it is time to replace the roof or section of the roof. If there are simply a few cracked or curled shingles, you can certainly replace them individually.  



4. Missing Shingles
If your roof is missing shingles, it is recommended to replace them ASAP. Depending on the amount of shingles missing and the condition of your roof, it is sometimes more cost effective to replace a section of the roof or the entire thing.  



5. Missing Granules
Granules help protect the shingles from being damaged by the UV rays emitted by the sun. If you notice dark patches olight shingles or lighter patches on darker shingles this is a sign of missing granules. You may also find them in the gutters when cleaning them. Missing granules are not harmful and do not affect the waterproofing of your roof. However, the more loss of granules means that the shingles are wearing faster, and the level of water protection will continue to decrease over time.   

 6. Roof is Covered in Moss
Although this is not a health hazard it is an aesthetic one. If you don’t mind the look, then there is no need to replace your roof. If you decide to take matters into your own hands and wash the moss off, you can do so by mixing one-part bleach and one-part water. It’s important to be gentle because you do not want to damage any of the shingles.  

7. Roof is Sagging
A sagging roof is no joke and must be taken seriously. This can be a sign of structural issues or damage to the plywood. At this point, you should contact your roofer as soon as possible to prevent any extreme damages.  

 If you see any of these happening to your roof, it’s time to call us in to take a closer look. Receive a free inspection by the company owner and quote when you contact us.  

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